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NoMa is a special condominium developed by Macly Group with its splendid neighborhood is full of high-class community facilities to support people's modern lifestyle. However, nestled in the neighborhood of Geylang, it is known for its rich historical culture and long-standing antiquity. The future residents of the project will both live in a modern and novel environment inside but still be able to interact and connect with the unique features of the surrounding heritage.

NoMa condo belongs to the famous Geylang area, which was established in the early 1840s when the British Government dissolved the Malay floating village at the mouth of the Singapore River. The Malays and Orang Lauts later resettled at the mouth of the Kallang and Geylang rivers, which flowed into a common bay, known today as the Kallang Basin. Geylang was first called Geylang Kelapa, indicating the presence of coconut plantations at the time. The early settlers of Geylang lived in stilt houses built on the river basin, all clustered along the river to form residential areas. The first Malay Kampong to be formed was Kampong Melayu (original name of present-day Geylang Serai).

Geylang Serai in the vicinity of NoMa in 1980s

Geylang Serai in the vicinity of NoMa in 1980s

Geylang in the vicinity of NoMa nowadays

Geylang in the vicinity of NoMa nowadays


Located in the heart of Geylang surrounded by cultural diversity in historic areas, check out NoMa Location here for more information!

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Not only that, in the vicinity of NoMa condo is Joo Chiat, a historical area that is not too strange for those who reside in the East. The area is named after the plantation owner and philanthropist, Chew Joo Chiat. In the early 20th century, the Peranakans of the China Strait and Eurasians migrated to Joo Chiat along with Chinese, Malay and Indian communities. Therefore, Joo Chiat area is a multi-ethnic cultural synthesis, which is clearly reflected in the architecture as well as the cuisine in this area. The area was designated Singapore's First Heritage Town in 2011, an award received in recognition of efforts made to preserve buildings in the area.

NoMa Residences has a strategic location with excellent connections to the historic areas and famous cultural heritage nearby. While living here, future residents will have the opportunity to explore heritage galleries such as Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery, Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery and Eurasian Heritage Gallery. In addition, when it comes to Joo Chiat, you can't help but know Joo Chiat Complex, which is famous for its rich blend of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures. You can find traditional crafts and stylish illustrated artworks from these cultures.

Joo Chiat Complex nearby NoMa Condo

Joo Chiat Complex nearby NoMa Condo

Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery nearby NoMa Condo

Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery nearby NoMa Condo

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NoMa is known as a luxury residential project developed by a local developer - Macly Group.

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Located in a vibrant area, NoMa is a rare Freehold condominium with 50 apartments in District 14

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NoMa condo is well-known as a new freehold residential development located at Lorong 28 Geylang.

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Developer: Macly Group • Name Project: Noma Condo • Tenure: Freehold • Legal Description: 331, 333, 335 & 339 Guillemard Road and 56 Lorong 28 Geylang • Developer’s Licence: TBA • Plot Ratio: 2.8 • BP No.: TBA • Expected TOP Date: TBA • Expected Date of Legal Completion: TBA
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