Noma Condo: Infinity Swimming Pool at 6th Storey outlooking Guillemard Road

Noma is an upcoming residential development located along Guillemard Road District 14. This development offers a fascinating ambiance for its residence. The condo is developed by Macly Group that has bought over 5 terrace houses for this condominium. It has one part that is eight floors, and another part that is five floors. It comes with about 50 units; including from 1 to 3 bedrooms with land area of 12,839 sq ft and divided into lots of 2.8.

Noma Condo: Infinity Swimming Pool at 6th Storey

Noma Condo: Infinity Swimming Pool at 6th Storey

What attracts investors to Noma Condo project recently?

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Residents of Noma Condo can also have a nice view of the busy district properly when you’re standing within its surroundings. In this article, we would like to introduce to you in more detail about Infinity Swimming Pool at 6th Storey. This infinity pool resembles a waterfall with a lower tier — part of the rim of the lower pool, acting like a dam spilling into the lower catchment basin. From there, the water is pumped back into the overhead swimming pool forming a continuous overflow. That way residents can immerse yourself in the flow and see the amazing skyline.

Noma Residences 's units come with large glass windows that allow enough natural light to brighten up the room at night. The way the rooms are designed for comfort and convenience. Moreover, one can find comfort and relaxation when looking through the window or balcony to see the infinity pool with lines and colors shimmering especially at night.

Infinity Swimming Pool at 6th Storey of Noma Condo is outlooking Guillemard Road. From here to infinity is the view you get in a pool with a vanishing angle. The infinity pool makes you feel like merging into a horizon, hovering over the landscape, overcast sky, and finally understanding what it's like to be a bird.

Noma Condo with facilities at 6th Storey

Noma Condo with facilities at 6th Storey

Infinity Swimming Pool View

Noma Condo Condo: Infinity Swimming Pool View

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