Life In Geylang Is Varied, Noma Inherited It

Located in a vibrant Geylang area, NoMa is a rare Freehold condominium with 50 apartments in District 14, where local culture and cuisine is extremely diverse. Developed by Macly, this condo is inspired by the trendy shopping districts of New York City, which attract the attention of cultural peacocks and people in the fields of art and design. .

Closely reflecting the personality of Geylang, NoMa Condo represents the vibrant, diverse and attractive, opening Geylang's journey to become a new real estate focal point. The project is inspired by the word 'nomad', NoMa not only represents itself, it also represents people who are knowledgeable about lifestyle, love to travel, aim to create a community consists of modern like-minded individuals with a very New York vibe who are always looking for new opportunities and experiences in this bustling area.

Location and construction progress of Noma

Location and construction progress of Noma

Noma inspired by nomadic style

Noma inspired by nomadic style

As can be seen, overall NoMa @Geylang is designed for boldness and dynamism, bringing the energy of New York - the city that never sleeps - into the chic and vibrant urban landscape of Geylang. This development of Macly Group promises to be a HOT project in District 14. The investor has also established himself as one of the pioneers in the concept of "Shoebox Studio Apartments" in Singapore, make the compact apartment trendy and pocket-friendly.

Discover the excitement of connecting with utilities in the District 14 area of the project at Noma Location & Amenities. More information about the project is waiting for you to learn, check it out now!!!

Guide "walking" around Noma @Geylang

Geylang is a neighborhood that is always misunderstood, in fact, there are many interesting and diverse things here hidden around the deep alleys that you probably don't really understand. As an emerging address in Geylang, NoMa will inherit dynamic and bright values like hidden gems around this famous area.

Eat & Shop Everything at Geylang Serai Market

Geylang Serai Market

A long-standing market, Geylang Serai Market is one of the largest and bustling food markets in the heart of Singapore's Malay community, and an iconic landmark in the region. The distinctively sloping roofs, wooden panels, textiles and verandas are characteristic of traditional Malay architecture. Open since 1964, the market remains an important focal point for the Malay community.

Geylang is the paradise of Dim Sum & Durians

Dim Sum And Durians' paradise

Speaking of delicious dim sum, 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi attracts many foodies looking for good and affordable dim sum in Geylang. Besides, The intense aroma of durian from Wonderful Durian is the perfect durian flavor for you. Although the prices here are more expensive than elsewhere, you can expect better service, of course they are opened on request and ample seating space.

Discover unique Geylang Peranakan shophouses

Geylang's Peranakan shophouses

Browse and capture the ancient beauty of Geylang's Peranakan shophouses, which are now preserved. Explore beyond the main streets for great photos of the shops and learn about their history. You can wander along the back alleys of Lorong 11, right around Leong Kee (Klang) Bak Kut Teh.

Enjoy the ultimate taste at Fresh Frog Porridge

Fresh Frog Porridge Geylang Lorong 9

Having a taste similar to chicken, frog leg porridge is very popular in this area with many stalls along Geylang. Brought to your table in traditional clay pots, Fresh Frog Porridge is popular with foodies for their variation of frog legs. Choose between spicy or non-spicy, and have a bowl of hot porridge to enjoy deliciously.

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