Early-bird Discounts of 13% for Buyers of NoMa on the kick off sales day!

NoMa is a new condo along Guillemard Road in Geylang, is offering early-bird discounts of 13% to home buyers who purchase units on the kick off day. This is a development by Macly Group, which will comprise of 50 freehold residential units across three distinct blocks. One-bedroom units at NoMa will start from a guide price of $715,750, according to the developer's updated pricing. Home buyers will collect their keys latest by November 2023.



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According to Joan Chang, marketing manager at Macly Group shared that NoMa was inspired by New York City's NoMad district. The vicinity became gentrified over time, with historic buildings renovated and has welcomed new restaurants, hotels and condominiums in the neighborhood. NoMa situated on a site of 13,727 sqft , it is redeveloped of 5 terraced-houses purchased by the developer in January 2018 with the price of $20.55 million. Because there are 2-storey landed homes are declined to sell by the owners, the developer is forced to construct NoMa into 3 distinct residential blocks which surround the landed home, each block has a different facade. Chang said that they wouldn't have manage to buy the land so they had to design something that was still unique. NoMa condo was described as "exclusive", Chang said that each lift in the condo serves a maximum of three units. Some of the 4-bedroom units have their own private lift.


Macly has engaged local artists Angella Yuen and Samantha Chiang to snazz up its facade walls (Credit: Macly Group)

NoMa Condo is only 500m away from Dakota MRT Station on the Circle Line. this condo is also within close proximity to education institutions such as Dunman High School, Geylang Methodist School and the Etonhouse Preschool,... The development is also nearby amenities such as s Kallang Estate Fresh Market & Food Centre and Old Airport Road Food Centre.

For NoMa Residences, the developer Macly has engaged local artist Angella Yuen and Samantha Chiang to snazz up the development's facade walls. There is an art mural spanning 12m will decorate the rooftop area on the 6th floor. This is the floor having internal facilities such as 18m swimming pool, lounge decks, BBQ pits and outdoor callisthenics gym. There is also another mural at the north entrance of the car drive. Chang shared that In New York, it was actually very cool to have art on your building, so they had thought that why can't they do the same in Singapore.



Macly has designed the development into "work-from-home friendly" layouts for future residents. Chang added that homeowners can work from a television console which doubled up as a work desk, equipped with power plugs. There will be sliding glass doors fiites out in some apartments would also allow users to utilise the space as a workspace in the day and a bedroom at night. Chang said that was actually designed exclusively for bachelors and young couples so occupants can get flexibility in their space.

NoMa latest information is being updated on a daily basis. Read more: NoMa News to get more news of this development!

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